Apostle IT Solutions


8th May 2014

Cost-effective IT Solutions

A company run by myself, Andy Postlethwaite, a professional freelancer based in Oxford specialising in web design and development. I am committed to providing a quality service using the latest standards and technologies so you can transform your ideas and concepts into reality.

I have been working as a freelancer for the past 10 years having previously gained experience in a number of development roles. I usually carry out all work myself but have the option to call on other developers if the need arises.

Why choose a freelancer?

One of the more obvious advantages of opting for a freelancer is cost: I work independently from home with few overheads which enables me to keep my rates to a minimum. A larger company will have premises, support staff, sales staff and many other outgoings pushing the cost to you higher.

Because I take sole responsibility for all projects undertaken you can be assured that there will be a consistent point of contact.

Freed from the constraint of Monday-Friday, 9-5, I am in a better position to meet tight deadlines whenever necessary.

Whatever the needs of your business I am able to create a custom solution. From a simple submission form to a complex database driven web site I am more than happy to listen and recommend a course of action for you. Consultation is free and welcomed.